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TGreenwood Village, CO-Officials at Dust2Dust Music Network, the most 'legitimate' illegitimate business in the world, have announced that Dark Harvest III will be held on the Pueblo Community College campus in Pueblo, Colorado all day Sunday, October 28, 2007. 

A spokesperson for the firm had this to say, "Our jealous onlookers, corrupt business types, naysayers and detractors like to refer to us as an illegitimate business.  Therefore, we are formally announcing our official Dark Harvest slogan today.  It is our way of kicking 'The Man' in the balls.  So just who is the man?  Anyone you know that commits their every pathetic second to NEGATIVISM and attempting to destroy anything or anyone that doesn't somehow benefit them.  You know who 'The Man' is!" 

The newly adopted Dark Harvest Fest slogan is: 

'The Most Legitimate, Illegitimate Cause In The World.'