This annual benefit event is held for the purpose of bringing the community together to raise money to fund scholarships for deserving Southern Colorado community college students whose personal circumstances may otherwise prevent them from receiving a formal education.

Dark Harvest Fest is an annual  metalfest honoring fallen war hero, Army Ranger, Daniel A. Romero, of Louisville, CO.  Mr. Romero paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  Please take this moment to remember Daniel and all the young men and women making daily sacrifices for our freedom around the world.  For many of us a conflict in a foreign land is a painful historic event that receives our attention while it is in progress or when we reflect on it.  For veterans and their families the pain lasts a lifetime, rarely does a day go by when some heart-stopping recollection does not occur.  Our hearts go out to Daniel's family.

Dark Harvest Fest equally honors our childhood hero, Nick 'Nicky' Sanchez, Jr.  Nicky was no different than you or your best friends, he was full of life and he made clear his friends were a huge part of what he enjoyed about it.  Nicky is remembered as an outstanding drummer who performed in the high school bands at Trinidad High School, Trinidad, CO.  By his own choosing, his friends always came before sports.  Nicky was a gifted musician and athlete [basketball].  If you ran into him, [regardless of who you were] you could count on being acknowledged and hailed.  Shortly, after graduating from high school, Nicky lost his life as a result of an irresponsible action [shooting] at the hands of a friend.  

We would appreciate your reflection to remember all the young people you know who, for various [seemingly unfair] reasons, are no longer with us.